Gold Dust No. 274

  • October 1, 2019

Truly I say to you, He who has faith in me has eternal life. (John 6:47 BBE)

Jesus promises us everlasting life. He has the words of life. He is the only way to life and He can give us life. However, not everyone will receive everlasting life. Many people would like to receive God’s blessings in their own terms and convenience. Others follow Jesus because of material blessings. They stop following Him when they go through rough and tough times. Our commitment to the Lord is what He wants and the way to His favors materially, and most importantly, spiritually. We have to have faith in Him in good times and in bad times. We have to trust Him, especially when we go through trials in life, that He is with us to help and guide us. Believing in Him means submitting ourselves to Him and following Him all the way. If we commit ourselves to Jesus Christ and make Him the Lord and King of our lives, we will surely inherit His kingdom on earth and in heaven to enjoy a blessed life that is everlasting.

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