Gold Dust No. 255

  • September 12, 2019

Thinking about your teachings gives me better understanding than my teachers. (Psalms 119:99 CEV)

The words of God are breath of life. He created a new man in us through His words. Just as we cannot survive without air to breathe, so is our soul cannot live without His words. We have seen and encountered malnourished children. They do not have food on their tables like we do. There are people who get food from the garbage just to survive. Still, those who have plenty do not realize their blessed condition. Spiritually, we are blessed to be provided with our spiritual needs. We are supplied aplenty for the nourishment of our soul. Let us put utmost importance in hearing and obeying the words of God. Just like food that we eat, the words of God should be digested. We should always think about them, meditate on the words that we may obey them fully. His words should be manifested in our lives. Having earthly wisdom is good but they are far inferior than the wisdom from heaven. If you weigh the success and happiness brought about by divine things compared to worldly things, you will prove that it is heaven over earth. Therefore, choose wisdom from heaven. Gain wisdom from God’s words. God is the author of life and our true source of genuine happiness and lasting success. If God will take a snapshot of your soul, how will you look like? Make sure your soul is not malnourished.

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