Power Point No. 274

  • October 1, 2018

For the Lord God is my helper; I will not be put to shame: so I have made my face like a rock, and I am certain that he will give me my right. (Isaiah 50:7 BBE)

Jesus showed us how to be victorious in the face of grave challenges and even death. He was humiliated publicly and was put to death, stripped of dignity. Throughout His ordeal, He came out to be victorious and was glorious when He rose from the dead. He is the one helping us to conquer all of life’s difficulties and ultimately, death. Because He helps us, we are sure that we will succeed and be glorified in the end. The Lord Christ Jesus is the rock who cannot be softened by what He went through. If we are to be victorious like Him, we have to face every challenge like a rock. We have to assume a hard and strong face full of confidence because the Lord is with us. We should put away the worried and confused face. Let us take the challenge and not be ashamed. Instead, face it proudly because we know it is for God’s glory. In addition, face any problem with a smiling face knowing that God is working in us and strengthening us in our faith. That smile will glow brighter after we go through the challenge and come out as winners.

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