Power Point No. 362

  • December 28, 2018

Like flying birds so the LORD of hosts will protect Jerusalem. He will protect and deliver it; He will pass over and rescue it. (Isaiah 31:5 NASB)

Jerusalem of old was the city of the people of God. Christ described His love to them using the metaphor of a hen gathering her chickens under her wings to protect them from harm’s way and likewise give them warmth. God did the same way by sending those prophets who were to feed and instruct them but they rejected them. Christ came but the Jews did not accept Him and, instead, killed Him. The new people of God, the New Jerusalem on earth, is Christ’s Most Holy Church. He sends them Shepherds and Guardians of their souls to gather them together in perfect unity for their nourishment and to lead them to greater spiritual growth and multiplication. Brethren, let us avoid the mistakes of the former people of God. Let us submit ourselves to the Church Bishop and his co-workers in Christ. Hear, accept, and love them for they sacrifice for the sake of your salvation. If you love them, you will benefit greatly. Otherwise, you lose everything. Pray for your Mahanaim today and offer your thanksgiving because Christ, the Pastor and Bishop of our souls, has sent us Pastors who have His own heart.

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