OUR BLESSED HOPE: 98th Anniversary of the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus

  • June 1, 2020
By: Sister Tipan (Kate Tanya Jose)
Elder Uzziel (Danilo Francisco) as the program emcee

On the 30th day of May 2020, the 98th anniversary of the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus was celebrated. Usually, for this event, the whole brethren gather in one place to celebrate. However, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, mass gatherings are strictly prohibited. As an alternative, the Church Administration arranged for the celebration to be held online instead.

Through MHC Media, the online celebration started at 6:30 in the morning, casting original music videos of the Church for the assembly music. Afterward, the celebration officially began as the brethren sang the national anthem of the Church, “The Psalm of Zion.” The program was hosted by one of the Church Presbyters, Elder Uzziel.

Sister Micah (Ruth Cariño) narrating the brief history of the Church

The first part of the program showed the history of the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus entitled, “Ang Salaysay.” The narration told of the year 1921, as Elder Teofilo D. Ora and the brethren zealously preached the gospel. God’s guidance and their hard work saw fruition as the Most Holy Church was officially established in 1922. The Church’s small number of members grew continuously in the next years. As Elder Teofilo Ora passed away, His footsteps were followed by Elder Salvador Payawal, Elder Gamaliel Payawal, and currently, the General Bishop Isagani Capistrano. All were called forth by God to lead the Church to spiritual perfection.

The Church’s vision, “The Most Holy shall be exalted”, continues to be pursued even amid the challenges posed by the current pandemic. As such, we are advised to trust the Lord for we will surpass this phenomenon that will deem us perfect and lead us to success.

The next part of the program was the procession of the Seven Bishops. This was followed by greetings of peace, leading to the General Bishop, as he delivered the words of Thanksgiving. The prayer was led by Bishop Shomer.

General Bishop Hiel greeting the brethren with peace
Bishop Shomer leading the opening prayer

The epistle, “Message of the General Church Administration regarding the 98th anniversary of the MHCGCJ,” was served by Bishop Abimib.

Bishop Abimib reading the General Epistle

Since the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine nationwide, almost every industry and construction halted its operations. In relation to this, Bishop Regem relayed updates on the current state of the Church’s project, the Gabay Center.

Bishop Regem giving current updates regarding the latest updates about Gabay Center

For the news and announcements, Bishop Cristiano presented the first part followed by Bishop Zurishaddai for the second part.

Bishop Cristiano and Bishop Zurishaddai
presenting the news and announcements

Before listening to God’s message, the Agape Choir serenaded the brethren with their song, “Pag-asa Ko’y Ikaw” (You Are My Hope).

Members of Agape Choir singing “Pag-asa Ko’y Ikaw” (You Are My Hope)

Our souls were once again filled as the General Bishop Hiel delivered God’s message with the theme, “Ang Ating Mapalad na Pag-asa” (Our Blessed Hope). Through this lesson, we were reminded how things here on earth are temporary, gradually reaching destruction. These temporal things become the mistaken source of happiness for some of us, leading us to affliction. Yet the brethren’s hope continues to be in God for He is in control. Everything happening right now is undeniably the sign of the Lord’s second coming. The nation of God must not fear. Rather, stay in faith in Him. We may be shaken, but we must stay.

After hearing the message of the Lord, we were once again serenaded by sweet singing. This time the psalm “Pag-asa sa Pangarap” (Hope in Dream) was heartily sung by the Choir of Zion, including trainees from the Youth of Zion, Choir Members from various regions and countries, The New Jerusalem Choir, and Agape Choir.

As we neared the end of the program, Bishop Sear-Jasub led the intercessory prayer proceeded by the benediction of the Bishops.

Bishop Sear-Jasub leading the intercessory prayer

How we celebrated the Most Holy Church’s anniversary this year may be different from the norm, but the essence of our celebration still remains. This shows that no pandemic or any situation can stop the brethren of the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus from giving thanks and glorifying the God Most High.

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