Gold Dust No. 285

  • October 12, 2019

Now, dear children, live in Christ. Then, when he appears we will have confidence, and when he comes we won’t turn from him in shame. (1 John 2:28 GW)

We are the children of God who He dearly loves. We are born again and are new men created to do good works. Our old sinful selves died with Christ on the cross. The life we now live is in Christ. Living in Christ means abiding in Him. We abide in Him when we fully trust Him, doing His will and living according to His gospel. Living in Christ also means we are spirit filled. His Holy Spirit abides in us which gives us comfort during trials and direction to lead a holy life. When our hopes and faith depends on Christ, then we live in Him. Because we live in Christ, we are not afraid nor ashamed to come to Him for help. We can approach His throne of mercy in full confidence that He will hear our prayers and grant our requests. Moreover, when He comes, we are sure that we will be among those to be resurrected first to reign with Him in the Millennial Kingdom and after a thousand years to be with Him in Heaven for all eternity. Let us encourage each other of this great hope of eternal life. All things will be new. There will be no more tears, hunger, pains, sickness and death everything will be new even our mortal bodies will be changed into immortal ones to live in eternal peace, joy and happiness.

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