Gold Dust No. 172

  • June 21, 2019

Take care of a fig tree and you will have figs to eat. Servants who take care of their master will be honored. (Proverbs 27:18 GNB)

If we are diligent, faithful and do constantly water the seed we planted, it will grow and mature and will bear fruits during its season. We shall reap the fruits of our labor. We shall be able to enjoy eating and be delighted by its fruits. The same is true when we faithfully serve our Lord Jesus Christ. We may experience hardships and obstacles in doing our work as His servants, but still we continue to do our best to please Him. What pleases Him most is when we attend to care for His beloved Church. He is pleased when we take care of His business of saving sinners and finding lost souls. We please Him when we offer praises of thanksgiving in recognition of His kindness. Surely, we shall be rewarded by Him. His reward shall be far greater than the sacrifices we have done. He shall bless and prosper us in this world and in heaven.

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