Rekindling the Covenant Of Agape (Part 7)

  • November 4, 2019

As narrated by: Sis. Elizabeth (Elizabeth Domingo)

The Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus has come to its seventh and final step in Rekindling the Covenant of Agape. Held on the third day of November 2019 in District Hall, Guiguinto Central School, Guiguinto, Bulacan as it is the hometown of one of this year’s Seven Instruments, Bro. Ozni (Edgar Matias), the event started at around seven in the morning.

It commenced with Bro. Aristabulos (Armando Aduna) as the master of ceremonies. The whole brethren sang the Psalm of Zion, recited the Christian Creed, and sang songs from the Imno Espiritual (Spiritual Hymn) to better prepare their hearts, minds and souls for the worship service. Then, Bishop Sear Jasub (Eranio Pascual) read the Verses of the Covenant of Agape which was proceeded by a prayer led by Bishop Shomer (Gelacio Bunag). For the news and announcements, a video clip showing the progress of Gabay Center was played. Gabay Center is the gift for the centennial anniversary of The Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus. So with the zeal of every one in the Church, hopefully it will be ready and done by then. Brethren who offered their thanksgiving/supplication were blessed by Elder Bishop Abimib (Mario Payawal).

Manna Choir of Pastulan Dikaios (Province of Bulacan)

From the back corner, the Seven Instruments went their way to the front with their knees bent and as they each spoke the Mahanaim creed. Once at the front, they kissed their Bibles and planked down. The Seven Bishops rose them and uttered the seventh stanza in the Covenant of Agape.

The Seven Instruments

“Despite their sufferings, they are happy that they have accomplished the steps.”

Elder Bishop Cristiano (Julito Belisario) to the Seven Instruments

As a ritual done during the seventh step, the brethren wrote, on a piece of paper, their bad habits and/or attitudes that they wish to remove from themselves. It was collected, put in a vessel, and was burnt. This ritual symbolizes successfully destroying all these bad habits and/or attitudes.

The Seven Bishops sang “Sa Masayang Paglalakbay” that made the event even more engaging and spirit-filled; the whole brethren even sang along.

The theme of this step was “Son: Disciple of His Image: Step of Love.” The most important part of the event which is the sermon, as it is the food of the soul, was delivered by General Bishop Hiel (Isagani Capistrano). For the first part, he told the love story of the Church and God. As written in Hosea 2:19, God’s love is forever and does not end in the death in this life. He wants to show and prove His love to His Church so that the Church will love Him more. Even though we are not worthy of His everlasting love, He still loved us anyway because it is His will. God put us beside Him because He wants to be with us forever.

“Love Him with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.”

General Bishop Hiel

General Bishop Hiel reiterated that the root of all commandments is loving God. Once we love Him, we will see His love. Once we love Him, we will also love ourselves and only then we will be capable of loving others, because how can we give something that we do not have?

“Serve with love. — Even an ordinary or simple thing can become extraordinary if done or served with love.”

General Bishop Hiel

We are under His care and guidance. There is nothing He cannot give or do for us. The life that we have comes only from Christ. The General Bishop ended with a question, “how much do you love Christ?”

After the sermon, the Manna Choir and Agape Choir serenaded the whole brethren again.

Agape Choir

As the steps of Rekindling the Covenant Of Agape is completed, we are now onto the next… Let us all meet at celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the Covenant of Agape!

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