Power Point No. 271

  • September 28, 2018

The LORD will protect you and keep you safe from all dangers. (Psalms 121:7 GNB)

Many people question God why He allows hardships and troubles to come into our lives including us, His beloved children. We should all understand that God is good all the time, even in our times of difficulties in life. What He promised us is that He will protect us and keep us safe from evil, meaning He will save our souls. We go through difficult times for several reasons. One is that we need the “desert” to teach us life’s lessons and prepare us for “the promised land flowing with milk and honey”. We need to endure the pains for they lead us closer to Him as we depend on Him alone in the “desert”. Sufferings cause us to be perfect in faith and in deeds. Furthermore, God allows us to suffer to reprimand us so we can realize our mistakes and be led to repent and change our ways. It is a “wake up call” that we should hid. Otherwise, we suffer more and fatal consequences in our physical and spiritual beings. You see, after passing thru the desert and reaching the other side, we will realize that God did not leave us but helped us thru. That should put us in our knees to thank Him. Bless the Lord!

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