Let Us Pray No. 257

  • September 14, 2021

And the LORD said to Moses, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward. (Exodus 14:15)

Abba, Father, we humbly come to your place of glory. Your chosen Church Servant pray for the welfare of your people. We are surrounded with troubles while we walk in this earthly life. We see horrible things happening wherever we go. We hear all kinds of crimes everyday. Hunger and famine, killings and chaos due to conflicts among men and nations occur. No one has the power to stop them. Persons in authority can do nothing to remedy the situations. It is not getting any better, instead, it is getting even worse as time passes by. We are in the world and we experience the same. We have to bear with all the sufferings if we want to receive your blessings in this world and in the world to come. We cannot stop from what we have started. We have to go forward despite all the odds.

You released Israel from Egyptian bondage to go to the promise land. They fled towards the Red Sea. The enemies were after them. They cannot go left nor right. Moreover, they cannot go back. However, you showed them the way. They have to go forward! The only way to salvation is to move and go forward. Lord, we are also in the same place of troubles, afflictions and sufferings. We cannot go back to our sinful life, to be slaves of Satan. You told us to go unto perfection, forward. We have to trust you. There may not be bridges, nor boats in the “Red Sea” in front of us, but you said “GO”. We shall go Lord. We know you will pave the way. We shall walk on dry lands. You shall stop the raging waters around us for us to walk freely, safely and happily. Lord, give us the courage and the perseverance. Today, we shall cross over the sea of troubles. We shall overcome because of you. Help us and bless us dear God. Amen.

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