Let Us Pray No. 256

  • September 13, 2021

I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 3:14)

Abba, Great and glorious Father whose abode is in the highest heaven. You raise us from our sleep. We are able rest our body and soul all throughout the night. As the sun shines, our strength is renewed and our spirit is refreshed. Thank you Father. Today, we shall continue our journey to the promised place you want us to be. Just as Abraham was called to travel to a promised land, we are called to journey to a better place, a heavenly homeland, as well.  What you have always wanted for your children to have are the best things. Our souls know that your call is always to go higher. You have given us the honor to sit beside your throne. From the lowly place, you put us upon the rock where there is safety and honor. We trust that you are with us all through the day. Show us the highway of holiness. Make ourselves prepare for the challenges we shall encounter. Lord, we know that the high place is also the place of sacrifice. Mount Moriah was where Isaac was brought to be offered as a sacrifice by Abraham. The place of sacrifice is the place of denying ourselves and let your will be done. The high place is where we diminish ourselves so that you shall increase. it is the place of Perfect Holiness. Today we shall strive to do more of your commands. We shall do better than yesterday. Each day you give is a chance to get closer to the promise. We shall sacrifice worldly things which become a burden for us to come up higher. We have to escape to this higher place of perfection for us not be consumed by fire. We have to reach the highest elevation in order to see your glory. Most of all we have to reach higher to be with you. Lord, take our hands and strengthen us. Amen.

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