Gold Dust No. 215

  • August 3, 2019

If you suffer for obeying God, you must have complete faith in your faithful Creator and keep on doing right.(1Peter 4:19 CEV)

This confirms that God, our Creator is faithful to us whom He has made after his own image. God is our Father who He cares for us. He does not want us be harmed nor destroyed. He promised us provision and protection and He will fulfill them to the letter. The only reason why He will not do that is if we disobey Him. If we disobey Him, we dishonor Him. It is not enough that we call Him Father, while we do not obey His commands. Sin separates us from God. However, if we obey Him faithfully, then we walk with Him. He will hold our hands to strengthen and guide us in our difficult journey in this life. If we are with Him we are provided for and protected against evil. Yes we do suffer in in life being righteous because we are in a wicked world. Though our flight may be bumpy are promised to have safe landing. In both difficult and easy path, we have to trust Him. It is most important that we fully when the going gets rough. We have to abandon ourselves and give everything in the hands of God. It is like we have gone through a long and difficult path, where we become weary and tired. We reached our home. And what do we do? We went straight to bed and rest. That is the meaning of trusting God. He is our home, we give ourselves to Him and we find rest in His presence. “Father, in thy hands I commit my spirit.”

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