Let Us Pray No. 69

  • March 10, 2021

I am a stranger in the earth; do not hide your commandments from me. (Psalms 119:19)

Abba, heavenly Father. Life is short to be wasted. We are just passing through in this life. We are not of this world, we are citizens of heaven, and therefore, our ways and thoughts do not conform to the ways of the world. Since we live in a strange land, many things are uncertain during our journey. People that we meet may not accept us because of our faith in you while they believe in other gods. They serve the things that are created instead of you who created all things. Their eyes are focused on materials things of the world while we focus our sight on the things which are heavenly. They do find happiness which the world gives while we find gladness in doing your teachings. True happiness is not in the world, rather it comes from you. Dear Lord, we are comforted by the thought that we walk with you. Your mighty hand helps us to go on and continue to walk in the path of righteousness until we reach heaven. We know that sooner or later, our journey in this life will end. However, we are certain that your hand will lead us from our grave to the gates of heaven. For now, Lord, heal us when our hearts are broken, clear our minds of the things and circumstances that cloud our heads, lift our spirit when we are down, comfort us when we are in pain in body and spirit. Dear God, I pray, for those who are suffering of the many hurts that this world gives. Give them peace and joy.  Give them hope for a brighter future ahead which only you can provide. Amen.

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