Let Us Pray No. 24

  • January 24, 2021

Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. (Ephesians. 6:2)

Dear Abba, our Father in heaven, please continue to bless our family. We thank you for the parents you gave us. Truly they were your instruments in bringing us in this world to live, bringing us up to become who we are now and most of all for teaching us to have fear in you that we may serve and glorify you. Kindly give them good health and renew their spirit that they may enjoy the rest of their lives serving you. Fill their hearts with your words of wisdom so they can impart them to continually mold us to be good Christians good citizens of the society. In our eyes, they are our models and best examples we look up to. Help them to show us how to walk in your righteousness and holiness so we can follow them with respect and obedience.

In return, help us be obedient, loving and caring children. May we be able to care for them, specially, in their old age. Let us provide for their needs without hesitation but willingly, knowing fully well that they have provided for us all these years. Let us honor them by submitting to their authority. Give us soft hearts to hear and hid to their counsels for they will give us light and life when we do them. At times, they discipline us because of our wrongdoings. These may hurt us. However, give us the understanding that these are for our own good. They just do not want us to get hurt even more due to our mistakes which we will repent for the rest of our lives if we continue to do them. Abba, Father, may our family be strongly bonded by your Agape, by your words and by your spirit that we may present it as part of your Spiritual family destined to heaven. Amen.

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