Let Us Pray No. 171

  • June 20, 2021

The LORD is your keeper; the LORD is your shade at your right hand. (Psalms 121:5)

Abba, Lord of the Covenant of Love. We praise you for keeping your Covenant with us. You are the one who keeps us from the evil one. Please remind us today that you are the one who is faithful enough to raise us up from our slumber during the night and gives us strength during the day to accomplish the things we desire to do which will satisfy us and give us the joy and happiness. You promised to help us if we help ourselves. But Lord, just as there is night and day, there are also times of loneliness and misery, and times of joy and laughter, times of wanting and times of satisfaction. When our lives are in deep trouble, and we are hopeless, we sometimes forget your promises. Worse, Lord, we take away our trust in you and do things our own way. We set you aside and make ourselves in-charge, only to find out that we cannot depend on our own wisdom and strength. Our own shadow is with us only when things are right but leaves us when darkness come into our lives. Lord, give us the eyes of faith to see you in the morning and into night. May our faith endure even when our lives fall apart to see clearly that you are just putting our lives in the right place. Let your hands give us the comfort and the protection as we walk out of troubles just like shadows that protect us in the heat of troubles until we come out victorious to praise you and serve you even more. Today Lord, we shall go out in the world and we shall walk confidently and courageously for you are with us. Amen.

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