LET THERE BE LIGHT – 1st Edition of Godward Magazine

  • May 1, 2013


Beloved brethren, in the Name of the Most High God through the Most Holy Church, Shalom!
It has been a while since we had our last official organ, “Harana News” with its predecessors, “Ang Mandaragit,” and “Wisdom Magazine.” We also had individual Divisional News-letters principally aimed at enriching the knowledge of the flock under the care of industrious there and caring ministers. But there came a time for only one material to come out, under the stewardship of the Administration thus, “Harana” was conceptualized as an offshoot of a then regular ministry of serenading the brethren through music and other similar approach.

We have seen how far we have travelled as we take this pro-mising journey. Carefully but surely, every step we take brings us closer to that ultimate goal- PARTAKERS OF GOD’S GLORY. But this trip includes dissemination of information to the brethren and our friends outside the Church just like in the olden days wherein Apostles write epistles to the faithful. Since Her establishment in the Philippines in 1922, conventional methods were taken to ensure that all and sundry may know the will of God. Propaganda meetings were held.

Personal and home visits were conducted, and to this day Church leaders are striving to improve on these. We now have Bethel Assemblies, Agape Persuasion (Akay Agape) meetings, and Most Holy Crusades. We now have our program, “Ang Kabanalbanalan” in multiple radio stations in AM and FM bands.

We have our moments. We are making progress internationally. We were able to plant number of chapters in Northern America and a decent number of brethren from different continents constantly in touch with us in the Philippines. We “invaded” cyberspace (the internet/worldwide web). From here we are able to reach out to our brothers and sisters abroad and though they may not enjoy the same fellowship we have, they can avail of the online worship services under the care of Abot –Agape (International) Ministry. We have made good use of the “social networking” facilities of the web, which is instrumental specially for guiding the youth.

Lately we’ve noticed how people are indulged with inform-ation having it as part of daily routine to check their morning newspapers, electronic mails, text messages, and what not. Undoubtedly, information is the name of the game.

After all is said and done, we are now embarking anew with the literature- “GODWARD,” MARCHING TOWARDS SPIRITUAL PERFECTION.

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