THE VOICE FROM THE FAR EAST – 2nd Edition of Godward Magazine

  • October 1, 2013

Shalom beloved brethren.
For many, problems and heartaches have been the norm of their everyday lives. Domestically and internationally, we have been hearing stories of hardships and struggles and remedies seem to be out of reach. People search for solutions, scientists and sociologists alike burn the midnight oil in search for remedies for seemingly incurable diseases and other societal illnesses. Not to mention world leaders frantically discuss political matters so as to avert escalation of quarrels between nations into war or military confrontations which may lead to further problems and misery. They may have successes in their respective fields but the fact remains- at the end of the day, there will be new troubles and new challenges lie ahead. Solve one here comes another. Like a virus, problems mutate and it gets even harder than the first time. In spite of the knowledge and technological advances man has achieved, lasting peace and fulfillment is still elusive.
We’ve heard of doomsday preachers, watched a lot of films about end of the world scenarios from meteors hitting the planet, a mad man out to annihilate the human race, “aliens” invading mankind to apocalyptic “zombies” taking over the world. All these are pure figments of the mind although intended to only entertain, but never really offer solutions to alleviate our plight in our quest for tranquility.
All these troubles are attributed to man’s fall to sin, and life just can’t get any better (Genesis 3:16-17). Does this mean the world should just go through the motions and let life be just like that- meaningless? No. Remember, God loves mankind (John 3:16) and He wants them to be saved from this predicament (1Timothy 2:4) for which He decided upon Himself (Ephesians 1:9) to send His offspring- the Church, which He as Christ Jesus made manifest as its first member among many brethren (Romans 8:29).
Yes indeed dear brothers and sisters. We are the chosen generation to bring hope and peace to this world (1Peter 2:9-10). It is through us (The Church) that our Lord Jesus Christ’s appeal in Matthew 11:28-29 will come into fulfillment. We are equipped with the tools- God’s Word, to keep the optimism alive in the hearts of men. We are bearers of hope for mankind.
And we can do this through the collective program of the Church- DISCIPLESHIP (Matthew 28:19-20).
GODWARD MAGAZINE is just one of many approaches the Church through Her first instrument, General Bishop Hiel, has undertaken to make “all nations” as God’s disciples. Let’s all rally behind the Church Administration and push God’s agenda for a better peaceful world. A world where in spite of the presence of trials and tribulations, will still live in peace, free from sin and full of hope for eternal life (Psalms 23).

And may God bestow upon us His everlasting peace.

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