Gold Dust No. 208

  • July 27, 2019

Put an end to your wrath and be no longer bitter; do not give way to angry feeling which is a cause of sin. (Psalms 37:8 BBE)

The prosperity of the wicked brings troubles to himself and is short-lived, for it is acquired through sinful ways. Compared with the prosperity of the righteous, God has awarded it to them to enjoy, to share with others and to invest to gain heavenly wealth. Brethren, let us not be envious when we see the wicked succeed. Do not entertain such feelings. Envy leads to anger and in the end, to sin. The worse is when we get angry at God, and start to question Him for our circumstances in life. Learn the secret of being content in any situation we are in. Trust that God is in control. Be patient and do not waver in your hope. Keep doing the right thing and do not be influenced by the wicked to alleviate our situation. Let us do our part and God will do the rest. Stop being angry and start being happy.

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