Brethren Abroad Join The 23rd Celebration of the Covenant of Agape

  • November 23, 2019
As Narrated by: Bro. Melech (Uriel Pascua) and Sis. Anna (Jilliene Tejano)

 The Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus celebrated the 23rd Anniversary of the Covenant of Agape last 9th of Hephzi-bah (November) 2019 in different parts of the Philippines. The celebration did not stop there. Of course, brethren from different countries would not allow themselves not to be a part of this important celebration with this year’s theme “The Greatness of the Love of Christ”

The most important part of the celebration was the sermon. The sermon discussed the importance of being the chosen children of God. Truly, Jesus Christ’s Love is the greatest. He voluntarily laid his life on the cross to redeem us and save us from our sins.

God loved us even before we were born. He kept on loving us by choosing us to be part of His body. He cleansed us from our sins. He made us holy and worthy. The love of our God, the Lord Christ Jesus, is the greatest love of all. We are sinners but has given the chance to redeem ourselves from deepest ocean of sins by being baptized.

Our faith to God must continue. We shall do what He wants us to do, that is, we should love one another just how He loved us. In doing so, we must serve one another in order for us to guide our co-sojourners for us to be in the right path. Let’s love and serve one another. Love our brothers and sisters in Christ despite the hardships and trials. This is another way of showing our love for the Lord. Because loving your brothers is showing your love for God. We are in one body of Christ – The Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus.

Here are some captured moments from the thanksgiving celebration held in different countries.

The brethren from Oak Harbor and Lynnwood, USA; Vancouver and Richmond Canada
Choir of Zion members singing psalm of praises (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
Ritual of pairing new Covenant Partners (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
Brethren from Calgary, Canada
Brethren from United Arab Emirates
Brethren form Singapore
Brethren from Qatar
Brethren from Taiwan

One must understand that the Covenant of Agape which God established with the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus, is as great as the immeasurable love of Christ. It transcends all nationalities, races, status, gender, and age. We just have to be baptized in Christ so that we may put on Christ. All who are in Christ are Abraham’s seed and are heirs according to the promise.


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