• May 18, 2020
By: Bro. Joel (Jaycie Galang)

COVID-19, which was formerly known as Novel Corona Virus is now a PANDEMIC. Since it started in December 2019, the medical experts have been continuously giving their best efforts to discover a vaccine to cease this global threat to mankind.

Novel is based on the Latin word “novellus“, which means “new young, fresh, unique”. As of May 4, 2020, this new type of virus has infected more than 3.6 million people in 212 countries and territories all over the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO) –

Frontliners are sacrificing their lives due to their significant call of duty. Families are struggling for their living, and the world economy hits its lowest indexes as this virus continuously strikes. Almost all people are praying for this pandemic to end and for lives to go back to normal. But is there such thing as a normal life after this pandemic?

Recently, the Department of Health announced an advisory called “New Normal”. It is the kind of life after community quarantine wherein we will continue to exercise preventive measures like proper hand washing, wearing of mask outside the house, and physical distancing. It is the New Normal kind of life – most of our activities should focus on maintaining good health. Moreover, in the New Normal, we are encouraged to change our mindset in dealing with things happening around us. And with the latter, the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus will perform its vital role to help every one of us to cope with these big changes.

As Christians, we are used to several religious practices like attending different church activities and gatherings. But because of this New Normal life, all of these will have its own sets of limitations. For instance, the different areas under the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and General Community Quarantine (GCQ) are said to prohibit mass gatherings including religious activities. Since our collective effort in fighting COVID-19 is necessary, we cannot exempt ourselves from obeying the laws and protocols set by our government. Thus, it is the start of the transition to our Christian lifestyle.

However, there are more important things to consider in our New Normal life. These are the things that may not be customary to us before but because this pandemic teaches us a lot. It is important to start the transition in our Faith, Hope, and Love.

We may find it uncomfortable at first like the transition that will happen in our lifestyle—our #OOTD should always include wearing a facemask. Online schooling will largely be an option. Corporations cannot set aside the importance of health and sanitation aside from profit. It is indeed a reality that nobody should ignore and everybody must consider. Before being mindful of the different complications brought by this pandemic, we should first consider to start the transition in our spirituality: the transition of our FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.

By FAITH, Abraham obeyed God to travel to another country which he didn’t know. But because he believed God, he started traveling to a foreign land that God had promised him. (Heb.11:8-9) If you had been hesitant before to start your journey with God, now is the perfect time to start and believe that this is what God wants for you: to walk humbly with Him (Mic.6:8). Start the transition of your faith like Abraham, for God has promised us a better life in the future.

We are all hoping for the vaccine. We are hoping to ” flatten the curve”. That is why we are earnestly waiting for our medical experts to announce their success in coming up with a solution in this pandemic. But as of now, what we are getting is several fake news from social media claiming the discovery of the vaccine.

Why are they taking too long? Why can’t there be just one big shot to stop this pandemic?

Why? Because they are also mere humans whom we hope for.

Indeed, they are experts in their fields but they also have their limitations. Therefore, is it a wrong understanding to rest our hopes in them? The answer is NO because they are still the instruments of the One whom our hope should be established to, our GOD!

Hence, we should not lose our hope to them and GOD. God wanted His people to know how very great His secret is. It is very good and beneficial to all as it will help people from all countries beyond imaginable. This secret is having Christ in you.

Having Christ in you will certainly spark hope for good things. You will be assured that you will live with God always.

You will be with Him in the beautiful place where He lives.” Col.1:27 (Easy English Version).

It is our HOPE of Glory in Christ! It is the transition of our Hope for us not to look at the things which are seen by the naked eyes, but at the things which are not visible to the eyes.  These are things that matter most.

For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are ETERNAL ( 2Cor. 4: 17-18 NKJV )

Lastly, Apostle Paul leaves a remarkable message to the Corinthians saying,

“Right now, three things remain: Faith, Hope, and Love. But the greatest of these is Love” (1Cor. 13:13)

LOVE is indeed the greatest of all. In this time of pandemic, luxury cars are useless without a travel pass. Big corporations are inactive if they do not belong to the essentials. Powerful nations appear to be powerless. Dream Cruise Ships could be the worst nightmare, as well as other luxuries that give us fame or superiority among others. All of these are now of less importance.

Safety becomes everybody’s priority, and the safest thing to do is to stay at home. Yes! Stay at HOME! Where you can be safe from infection, and you can spend more time with your family. It is where we first experience to love and be loved. We may be used to simply coming in and going out from it before, but now we fully appreciate the beauty and significance of just staying IN.

Furthermore, the house of God is never different from our home – the Church. It is where we can feel His love for us and have this love applied to others. It is where we can treasure the everlasting love of God called AGAPE (Jer.31:3).

Now, let us all be ready and be prepared for the NEW NORMAL life. Start changing our mindset and embracing positivity. It is only through a genuine spiritual transition that we can see the ineffable love of God in mankind. Let us start the transition of our FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE.

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  1. A good realization of what is happening now…and it is good to stay positive and strengthen our Faith and Hope in our Heavenly Father…His Agape for us will teach us to love, live and understand one another…have patience in everything that we do.

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