Gold Dust No. 40

  • February 9, 2022

Our LORD, you bless those who live right, and you shield them with your kindness. (Psalms 5:12 CEV)

Abraham was called by God and was asked to leave his father’s house to go to a place God will show him. Without hesitation, Abraham left with his household to a place he did not even know. He obeyed God without any question. He was right with God and earned His favor. He became God’s best friend. God promised him that he will bless those who will bless him and curse those who will curse him. God’s blessings were given to Abraham and his offspring. We are in Christ and we are the seeds of Abraham. We should have the faith of our father Abraham and become God’s friends and gain His favor. As promised, we are heirs to God’s spiritual blessings which are worth more than the material favors. Both blessings are for us. Like Abraham, we should live in faithful obedience to God. If we do, we shall increase in spiritual and material wealth and increase our numbers. God will stretch us to our full potentials so we can reach out to others. We are blessed to be blessings to all.

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