Hope of Glory in Christ: Church Year-End Thanksgiving Celebration

  • January 8, 2020

As Narrated by Sis.Elizabeth (Lyza Domingo) and Bro.Geuel (Gilbert Gonzales)

The year 2019 has ended. People around the world had various preparations for the new year that has just come. Many bought groceries for the food that were served last New Year’s Eve; butchered and roasted meat for the feast; had last-minute shopping for gifts; set up the karaoke and sound system, and wrote their new year’s resolution and bucket list; and such. But for us in the Most Holy Church, there is one last thing that we prepared for besides those things before the year ends, and it is the annual Year-End Thanksgiving. It has been the most awaited event of every brother and sister from across the globe.

A lot of preparations and sacrifices were made to offer a very special and glorious thanksgiving to the Lord for all the blessings of the past year. So how did the brethren prepare for this event? Brethren who supposedly have work on the day of Thanksgiving filed for leave. Brethren from other provinces traveled long and far. Choir members rehearsed to bring out performances that will please the Lord. Church Administrators organized and checked for the program to go well and smoothly. Truly, this is an event that we get ready for every year.

Service vehicles dropping off church members in front of Ynares Center lobby.

The Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus celebrated its annual Year-end Thanksgiving last 29th of Jeshurun (December) 2019 once again at Ynares Center, Antipolo, Rizal. It was attended by most of the brethren all over Luzon including those from overseas around the globe. This year’s celebration was made more memorable to the Church Administration as all the seats were all filled in. Truly, individually and the Church as a whole received abundant blessings as we journey to the Promise for the year 2019.

Preliminary assembly in the venue was started with a devotional prayer (Sikap Mishal) led by Elder Jasher (Jose Estanislao) which was followed by a solo, duet, trio, quartet performances prepared by chosen brethren who represented the different regional divisions (Pastulan) and groups of members, children of brethren, Youth of Zion, Deacons, and Deaconesses and Ministers with the musical score of the Praise God Band.

The celebration officially started by the singing of the National Anthem of the Holy Nation and was seconded by the Grand Opening number led by the Agape Choir and Manna Choirs with monologues from the selected youths.

Likewise, the processional march was spearheaded by the choir coordinators (Sakop, Pastulan and Agape Choir Officers) with the entrance of the Elders and Bishops of the Church immediately followed by the Greetings of Peace to the Congregation and the reading of the Words of Thanksgiving by the General Bishop, Brother Hiel (Isagani N. Capistrano). Meanwhile, Bishop Shomer (Gelacio Bunag) led the thanksgiving prayer.

The Seven Bishops during the reading of the Words of Praises and Thanksgiving
Bishop Shomer leading the opening prayer
Bishop Shomer leading the opening prayer

Consecutively, Bishop Sear-Jasub (Eranio Pascual) read the epistle titled “Message From the General Church Administration For the 2019 Year-End Thanksgiving of the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus.”

Bishop Sear-Jasub reading the epistle

The Accomplishments of the Church for 2019 in terms of propagating the Words of God around the globe, Discipleship programs, facilities, and development were presented by Bishop Zurishaddai (Benjamin Carlos).

Bishop Zurishaddai presiding over the News and Announcements

The updates for the development of the Gabay Center by Bishop Regem (Ephraim Valerio).

Bishop Regem giving updates regarding the on-going developments in Gabay Center

One of the highlights of the thanksgiving celebration was the debut of audiovisual presentation entitled “Paanyaya ng Pag-ibig” (Invitation of Love) which contains an invitation from the General Bishop to reach-out to those who were separated from the Church due to different circumstances and encourage them to return to the true flock of the Lord where His love dwells.

Various presentation numbers were performed by the children of the brethren (PAMANA), Video presentation from the Brethrens abroad, thanksgiving songs from Youth of Zion (Kapisanang Alpha Omega), Praise God Band and the New Jerusalem Choir. All to glorify and give thanks to the Lord.

Presentation number of the “Pamana”
Presentation number of the “Pamana”
Presentation number of the “Pamana”
Presentation number of the “Kapisanang Alpha Omega” (Youth of Zion)
Presentation number of the “Kapisanang Alpha Omega” (Youth of Zion)
Presentation number of the “Kapisanang Alpha Omega” (Youth of Zion)
Presentation number of the “Kapisanang Alpha Omega” (Youth of Zion)
Presentation number of the “Kapisanang Alpha Omega” (Youth of Zion)
Presentation number of the “Kapisanang Alpha Omega” (Youth of Zion)
Presentation Number of the Praise God Band
Psalm of Praises of The New Jerusalem Choir

The Message of Thanksgiving was once delivered by the General Bishop Hiel. He started the sermon by asking the congregation if they experienced the blessings from God for the year that passed to which everyone confirmed receiving blessing from God in many and different ways.

General Bishop Hiel delivering the sermon

The General Bishop highlighted the Journey of the 7 Bishops and some brethren to Jerusalem which resulted in understanding and attainment on the will of the Lord to His Church. He also presented the theme of the year which is “Hope of Glory in Christ 2020” with the sub-themes per quarter which includes: We are in Christ, Our Hope in Christ, Let us win Christ, and Our Glory in Christ respectively.

General Bishop Hiel delivering the sermon

The sermon once showed how Great is God for giving us Hope of Glory, for giving us a forward-looking and forward-moving faith which is our Hope.

The Hope which will make as faithful so that we can make things, Hope that will give us motivation and joyfulness in serving God and trusting his ways and timing. ” What is our assurance of our Hope of Glory in Christ? Can God Lie? Christ will surely give us the Glory we are hoping for. Our Lord will continue to bestow his Holy Spirit on us. God is the anchor of our soul.”

General Bishop Hiel kneeling before the congregation emphasizing on giving thanks to the Lord for all the times that He never failed our hope.

After the sermon, a Psalms of Praise was sung by the Agape Choir entitled “Hanggang Langit.”

which was followed by the giving of remembrance to the Church Ministers and Ministries led by Bishop Cristiano (Julito Belisario) and Bishop Shomer (Gelacio Bunag).

Bishop Cristiano and Bishop Shomer giving the annual remembrance for the Mahanaims

Meanwhile, the celebration was made festive by the thanksgiving performances coming from the Choir of Zion from different cities and provinces.

Performance of Choir of Zion from Pastulan Abiasaph (Manila, Valenzuela, South Caloocan, Malabon, La Loma, Pasig, Pateros, Taguig, Las Piñas, Parañaque, Makati, Pasay) and Pastulan Alleluiah (Marikina, Quezon City, North Caloocan, Rizal Province)
Performance of Choir of Zion from Pastulan Biyraniyth (Laguna, Cavite, Batangas) and Pastulan Fete (Quezon Province and Bicol Region)
Performance of Choir of Zion from Pastulan Chenanaiah (Pampanga, Bataan, Zambales)
Performance of Choir of Zion from Pastulan Geshem (Tarlac, Pangasinan, Benguet, Ilocos)
Performance of the Choir of Zion from Pastulan Dikaios (Bulacan) and Pastulan Doxologia (Nueva Ecija and Aurora Province)

One of the most anticipated part of the celebration is the intercessory prayer led by Bishop Abimib (Mario Payawal) which confirms the prayers and wishes of an individual member for a successful life, successful ministry, good health, bear a child and strength to surpass all the challenges serving and praising God may bring.

Sister Ammihud and Brother Tobia singing a background song for the intercessory prayer
Bishop Abimib leading the prayer of intercession

The Brethren received the benediction from God through the seven Bishops led by the General Bishop MP Hiel.

The Seven Bishops giving the benediction
The Seven Bishops giving the benediction
General Bishop Hiel giving final instructions for the coming year 2020

The celebration was ended by a grand processional march presented by the Agape Choir, Manna Choirs, Ekklesia Choirs and Youths entitled ” Pag-asa sa Kaluwalhatian”.

Recessional Song performed by Agape Choir, Mannah Choir, Choir of Zion, and Youth of Zion

All the brethren part ways physically with strong Faith, Love, and Hope of Glory this 2020 because we are in Christ, We hope in Christ, We can Win Christ, and we will receive our Glory in Christ.


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