Footprints No. 290

  • October 16, 2020

And by this we know that we have known Him, if we keep His commandments. (1 John 2:3 MKJV)

To know God is to love God. To love God is to serve God. God wants us to know Him by gaining knowledge and acquaintance of Him more than the sacrifices and offerings we can give. Unless God revealed Himself to us, we cannot come to know Him. It all started when He decided to reveal Himself to us through the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior and His Body which is the Most Holy Church of God in Christ Jesus and His Agape Love. We are not saying that we already knew God wholly and perfectly but what is wonderful in having knowledge with God is we learned to love God. We fully understand that He loved us first and that love taught us and influenced us to love Him. We are now able to serve Him because we love Him. The Agape Love that is rooted in our hearts is what motivates us to obey His commandments. The more we serve Him, the more our knowledge of Him will increase and subsequently, our love for Him will increase more and more. This is how we encounter Him. Our wonderful experience with our God makes us to rejoice every day. I do hope that as you wake up today, you are touched by our God’s loving hands. Having experienced Him, you are able to proclaim Him because you know Him and you love Him.

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