Footprints No. 13

  • January 13, 2020

Our hear has not turned back, nor have our steps departed on Your way. (Psalms 44:18 NKJV)

Life has its ups and downs. That is what makes life exciting. It is a roller coaster of life where we are in. It is even more exciting if we know that God is with us at all times. We enjoy the love of God and receive His blessings when we abide by His words. We are happy when we serve and fulfill our Christian duties. We have good times when we walk in His righteous path. Why then, do we suffer and experience bad times? When we do not do what God says, we suffer. When we do what we think is right and neglect what God says, we go wrong and we suffer. We gain the consequences of our wrong or evil doing. We also know that we suffer even when we live upright. God lets us suffer to test our faithfulness and loyalty to Him. He purifies us with life’s trials, as in gold which is purified by fire. Sufferings make us perfect in the eyes of God. When we are down, we should not lose hope. Trust in the Lord. Be silent and see the salvation of the Lord. Wait until the bad times pass and the good times come. Know that everything is happening for the good of those who love and serve the Lord. Whatever trials we are in, we shall over- come them. We are more than Conquerors because the love of God is with us and will remain in us. Enjoy the ride!

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