Power Point No. 273

September 2018

But as for me, I am like a green olive-tree in the house of God: I trust in the loving-kindness of God for ever and ever. (Psalms 52:8 ASV) A good seed planted in a good soil produces great harvest. We are the good seeds and the Church is the good soil. What is expected … Continue reading Power Point No. 273

Power Point No. 272

September 2018

For this God is our God for ever and ever: He will be our guide even unto death. (Psalms 48:14 ASV) God promises us a wonderful future in this life and the life to come. This is the reason why we should be watchful of our present life. Most people live to gain pleasure in … Continue reading Power Point No. 272

Power Point No. 271

September 2018

The LORD will protect you and keep you safe from all dangers. (Psalms 121:7 GNB) Many people question God why He allows hardships and troubles to come into our lives including us, His beloved children. We should all understand that God is good all the time, even in our times of difficulties in life. What … Continue reading Power Point No. 271

Power Point No. 270

September 2018

As for me, I will call upon God, and the Lord will save me. (Psalms 55:16 AMP) Can we trust God? If we can, how far can we trust Him? Well, God is the only one whom we can trust in all sorts of situations we are in. We can trust Him with our lives, … Continue reading Power Point No. 270

Power Point No. 269

September 2018

For behold God is my helper: and the Lord is the protector of my soul. (Psalms 54:4 DRB) Everybody needs help. The one who can help us must be wiser, stronger, and greater than us. We can ask our friends to help us, but they can only do so much. The one who we can … Continue reading Power Point No. 269