Let Us Pray No. 198

  • July 17, 2021

My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him. (Psalms 62:5)

Abba, our Lord and Savior, we rose from our sleep with great expectation that today we shall receive your salvation and provisions. Our great desire is not for materials things but from spiritual blessings which only come from your generous hands.  Yesterday may have not worked as well as we expected them to be. Today, we may face many trials and difficulties. Even tomorrow may seem bleak in our own perception. We may have burdens we cannot carry which tire our souls and problems which we cannot solve. We have issues in our own selves that we cannot overcome, stresses and worries that oftentimes bog us down in pursuing not only our goals but specially our purpose to live in godliness. But we trust you fully, Lord. Our lives prove that you hear our plea and your timely help come without fail. Your faithfulness never wanes but they are new every morning. Like the Chinese bamboo tree, your miraculous works become visible at the right time. We shall wait for them patiently and faithfully, Lord. As the bamboo tree when planted needs sunlight, fertile soil and water, you also nurture us and prepare us for your blessings. In the first, second, third and fourth year, there seems to be no visible signs of growth, but on the fifth year it grows miraculously to about 80 ft. We know that for 4 years, the tree is being rooted so that it can carry all the weight and the needed nutrients are stored for its massive growth. In our lives, you are working to prepare us for the big blessing of success. We shall wait silently Lord. We shall keep on praying and doing your will. In your perfect time, your deliverance shall be revealed; we shall grow and progress miraculously in faith, in hope and in love. Lord, we praise you. You are the only living God who does great works for us. Amen.

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