Let Us Pray No. 195

  • July 14, 2021

Do not say, “I will recompense evil”; wait for the LORD, and He will save you. (Proverbs 20:22)

Abba, you are a forgiving Father who is slow to anger and rich in unfailing love. You are merciful and just who forgives the sinner but does not let him go unpunished. We have been justified because of your love. You cast our sins behind your back. Our dark past was put behind and we are made holy by your grace. On the cross, you have forgiven those who made you suffer. It is not the pain and anguish of the physical body but of the innermost recesses of your heart because of those who deserted you. Your words vibrate in our minds which say: “Forgive them for they do not know what they do.” So that when we forgive those who wronged us, we place ourselves beside you on the cross of sufferings. Lord, may we be able to really follow you in carrying our cross. On the cross you also triumphed over evil. Our true victory is when we forgive. There is no victory when in our hearts lie bitter hatred and joy in the humiliation and pains inflicted to others. Let us learn to triumph through your loving way, through forgiveness. Then we shall be able to really enjoy the victory you have enjoyed on the cross. We pray to you oh, Lord, to remind us that you are in our midst. Before we hurt anyone, you will be the first to receive the blow. Let your love abound in us that we may live peacefully and in unity. Amen.

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